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Gillian Zavos, PhD
Dr Gillian Zavos Speech Pathologist
Dr Gillian Zavos – Speech Pathologist who has extensive experience with stuttering

The Stuttering Clinic is my private practice in Edgecliff, Sydney, NSW.

I originally opened The Stuttering Clinic in Newcastle, NSW, in 2011. I had moved to Newcastle with my young family and was approached by friends and subsequently friends of friends to treat their child’s stutter. Requests for stuttering expertise grew and The Stuttering Clinic was born.

In 2015 my family and I returned to Sydney. I continue to see clients who live in Newcastle and further afield via Skype. I have in person appointments in Edgecliff.

I am a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. Speech Pathology Australia Member Logo

My background
I started treating people who stutter in 1998, when I worked at the Stuttering Unit in Bankstown, Australia.

The Stuttering Unit is known for developing the Lidcombe Program in conjunction with the Australian Stuttering Research Centre. The Lidcombe Program is an evidence-based treatment for preschool-age stuttering; it is also used with school-age children who stutter.

As part of these organisations’ Continuing Professional Education program I presented at Lidcombe Program workshops for speech pathologists. In addition I demonstrated the Lidcombe Program for speech pathologists visiting the Stuttering Unit and provided phone consultations to speech pathologists across Australia.

At the Stuttering Unit I also worked in an evening clinic that was established for the treatment of adult clients. Most of these appointments were for individualised speech restructuring using prolonged speech.

I have provided a speech restructuring treatment in a group intensive format; I did this with older school-age children as part of my PhD.

In addition to my private practice, I have worked as a speech pathology clinical educator at The University of Newcastle. In 2012 and 2013 I supervised students in the university clinic who were learning to treat stuttering.

In 2015 my family and I relocated to Sydney. Skype not only allowed me to continue treating clients I had been treating in Newcastle but also to assess and treat clients I had not yet started working with. I now see clients in person in Edgecliff and also via Skype. You can read more about treatment via Skype here.

I enjoy working with people who stutter of all ages. My clinical practice is driven by a strong interest in research.

I received first class honors for my research into the measurement of stuttering in 1997.

In 2003 I completed a PhD in which I examined the neural basis of stuttering in children.

I have also worked as a medical editor at The Lancet Neurology, London, and as a research speech pathologist at the National Acoustics Laboratory, Sydney.

Continuing Professional Development

I am a member of Speech Pathology Australia (MSPA) and a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP).

Guidelines for the conduct of health practioners, including speech pathologists can be found here.

When I was in Newcastle I joined the NSW Stuttering Interest Group, a group of clinicians and researchers who have a special interest in stuttering. One of the great things about these meetings is hearing about research being undertaken. Usually years pass between a research question arising and publication of the findings, so the meetings allow this information to be discussed much sooner.

One of the things I’m enjoying about being back in Sydney is being able to attend these meetings with colleagues in person. Sometimes the discussions before and after the meeting are as interesting and helpful as the meeting itself!

Research into stuttering is ever evolving in multiple realms: neurology, genetics, psychology, linguistics, technology; I could go on. To see clinicians and researchers with the same interests interpret and present the latest research is both informative and inspiring.

Did you know I love reading? All sorts of stuff. Now that my own children are school age, working with preschool-age children gives me a good reason to continue to enjoy children’s picture books. You can read some of my book reviews here.

Stuttering Treatment in Edgecliff, NSW including the Lidcombe Program