Thank you Skype: Treating Stuttering


I am often lucky enough to receive drawings from the children I treat for stuttering. Treatment with the Lidcombe Program involves weekly contact so we get to know one another through the course of treatment. This drawing is particularly special because it came in the post. Why? I haven’t met Charlotte in person.

Last year for a few months we saw each other most weeks. I was on a screen in one location and Charlotte was on a screen in another location. Through the magic of Skype, Charlotte took me into her home, where her baby brother was feeding or rolling or teething and her slightly older brother was napping. While these activities continued in the background, Charlotte, her Mum and I did the Lidcombe Program.

Charlotte and I are located a few hours from each other, so Skype was the only option if we were to work together. However treatment via Skype can be very convenient when clinician and client live in the same traffic-burdened city, and also in families where there are a few young children with different nap times.

Clinical research supports Skype for the Lidcombe Program and also for the adolescent and adult speech restructuring treatment the Camperdown Program.